Monday, October 25, 2010

Snow, Bagels, and....Logan :)

So today, before my history class, I was probably the only one outside on campus. I was just sitting on a step enjoying the weather, taking it all in :) The first sighting of snow fell today, the mountains around campus were a beautiful sight to see, I could have stayed outside all day and just stared at the mountains. :) I decided to go buy a bagel (which was really good) and sit outside and eat my bagel in the snow. The thought that came to me was 'Sitting here eating a bagel, in the snow. Life is good.' :) Yeah, life is good. I love this time of year so much...seasons change..summer goes away, cold weather time of the year right there! :) I thought about skipping my history class and just sitting outside enjoying the awesome weather and the peace that came with it...(don't worry, I went to my history class. Haha.) I'm thinking one day, I will just sit under a tree or on a bench and study while enjoying the wonderful weather and beauties of Logan...hopefully I won't get too distracted... :) Yeah....that won't happen. I will definitely get distracted! Another thing I love about this time of year, which when I go back to Salt Lake, I am going to go do, is Temple Square. Even though is 10 degrees colder there than anywhere else! I love it :) It is an amazing place to go in the winter.