Thursday, October 5, 2017

September 2017 :)

Finishing where I left off at the end of August, Evan came home on Labor Day. After we picked him up, we had to pick up some things at the pharmacy then we were going to meet Jessie and Emily at the car show in Magna. It took longer than we were thought, so we didn't think we were going to make it. It was at the Magna park, it was packed! Luckily, we found a close parking spot. It was so hot, we weren't going to stay long, but we got there when it was almost over anyway. We didn't find my sisters, so we just looked around on our own. We were looking at a Corvette Stingray, of Evan's favorite cars, when the owner said he could sit in it! He was so excited :) I'm glad I got a picture :) We also saw a really cool Mustang and another Corvette. All the cars were starting to line up to leave, so we headed out. After that, we went over to my parent's house for a little bit to visit. We went to Evan's parent's a little while later. They gave us some treats they picked up for us on their way to the property, they try to camp there every Labor Day weekend. After, we went to Freddy's for dinner. Evan and I didn't eat much because we weren't feeling well. I had a migraine, so I took my food home for later. It was nice having dinner with them. :) It was also nice having Evan home! The next day, we babysat for Troy and Carly so they could go to a movie with her family. Braelynn had a lot of fun with Braxton, he is a cutie! :) The next day, Evan went back to work. We were going to the OneRepublic concert that night, we were so excited! :) Carly babysat for us since we babysat for them the day before. We traded haha. I was worried how she would act since she has only been there a couple of times, but she was great! I made us dinner to eat on the way to the concert, then we dropped Braelynn off and headed to the USANA. We got a pretty close parking spot, then headed inside. We found went to the merchandise table to buy shirts, then we found our seats. James Arthur was the opening act, he was really good. Next up, Fitz and the Tantrums. They were good, but at first, the lead singer wasn't really into it, later into their performance, he got into it. I only knew four of their songs, haha, but I enjoyed their music. There was a 15 or 20-minute intermission before OneRepublic came on. They were AMAZING! They never disappoint! It was my third time seeing them, Evan's second. They played for two hours, it was awesome! I'm glad I got some good recordings of their songs :) The only thing I don't like about the USANA is leaving the parking lot, it's a big mess. It took us 10 or 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot because everyone was trying to cut in front of people, it is so annoying. There is absolutely no structure, no one guiding people... it is so frustrating! We picked Braelynn up kind of late, I felt bad! I visited with Carly for a little bit, then Evan came out of the car to talk as well. Braelynn was still wide awake haha, silly girl! She had a lot of fun :) That weekend, we were invited to go to the fair with Evan's family. Evan didn't want to go because he was replacing the brakes on our Escape. So, Braelynn and I went with his parents. Before they got there, my parents came over to take him to the store to pick up some things, because our car was jacked up and couldn't be driven. The fair was fun, but it wasn't as fun as years past. We looked at the art, photography, and animals. We also got some yummy fair food. It was great weather, it rained. :) on the way back, we picked Evan up and we all went to lunch at Chick fil-a. We ate outside, it was really nice. :) When we got back, Evan's dad helped him with the brakes. They ended up having to get some different tools and replacing the brakes because they were the wrong ones. It was pretty frustrating, to say the least! Joey helped as long as he could before they had to go to run errands. Evan finished up the rest on his own then took it for a drive to see how it drove, after we pumped the brakes to see if they were working properly. It's so nice having new brakes! We were going over to my family's house for dinner and to watch the Utah/BYU game. We were running late because of the car repairs, so we felt bad. But, my mom had barely finished dinner, so we were okay. She made yummy turkey burgers and yummy sides to go with. :) The game was starting really late, so we didn't stay for the entire thing. The Utes won though! :D Go Utes! On the 15th, I had been sitting in the living room when a car accident happened. I knew it was an accident from the sound I heard, but what I didn't expect was for the car to go through the fence and almost hit our apartment! It scared me so, so bad! The first thing I did was run into Braelynn's room to see if she was okay. I thought they drove through her room, but they didn't. I called Evan and told him what had happened. then the apartment front office. Since we have lived here, there have been so many car accidents by us! This one was a little too close to home! The poor girl who drove through the fence had to swerve to get out of the way of the other driver, who was at fault, then she lost control and drove through the fence. I talked to her to see if she was okay. The other driver wasn't licensed or permitted to drive! They were going to get a pretty hefty fine. Then, they were trying to blame the driver who had the right of way. It was a big mess! I talked to some neighbors about what happened, they were shocked it happened. The cop that came was so dumb... he was saying there was nothing wrong with the intersection and it was the drivers, which is true too, but intersection on 27th south by Target on 56th west needs to be changed! It was nuts! The fence still hasn't been fixed and it's almost been a month! I'm just glad no one got hurt and it didn't come through our apartment. We were definitely being watched over. That same week, we met up with Clarissa at Michael's to get shirts for our team for the walk. We also got some books at Barnes and Noble. After getting the shirts, we went to her friend's house so she could put the design we wanted on the shirts. :) She did such a great job! On the 16th, we participated in the suicide walk with Katie, Emily, and Clarissa and her kids. That morning, Evan got us breakfast before we left. Katie and Emily came over and had some too. :) Chick fil-a breakfast is one of my favorites! We got separated when we were on the freeway, so we used the GPS to get us to Liberty Park the rest of the way. There was no parking, so we had to park in a random neighborhood. Clarissa, Katie, and Emily were already there. so we called them to see where they were. We checked in at the table, then we went over to the tables with the honor beads. We met up with Clarissa at the booth, then waited for the walk to start. We took some pictures, bought some things at the souvenir table, and walked around the park. It was a perfect day! It's a huge park, so we only did one lap around. I'm really glad we were able to participate. Katie had to go home and get ready for work, so her and Emilly left. We met Clarissa at Menchies for frozen yogurt, it was yummy! We went to Famous Footwear and got new shoes, then we got Del Taco for lunch. I was really mad because they messed up our order! :( After that, we went grocery shopping. It was a long day! On the 21st, I found out I won the memories contest for the Homestead Resort, so I won a two-night stay! I was so happy! I love going there in the fall! Now, we get to take Braelynn with us. :) It will be a lot of fun! A few days later we went to Seagull Book to get my sister, Jessica a birthday present. We also went to the distribution center and picked up some garments. We also got Braelynn some church coloring books. :) We went to the store to pick up a few things, then chilled at home. The next day, we had a birthday dinner for Jessica. It was really yummy, my mom made stroganoff. I made green beans with onions and bacon to have on the side. It was a lot of fun spending time with my family. :) My grandma wanted a picture of all 6 siblings, so we took a few. Evan went home early because he wasn't feeling well. Katie brought us our car so we could use it again, so he used that. I went home a little bit later. Katie came over that week and brought over some breakfast. :) it was nice to hang out with her for a little bit! I went to Kohl's with Braelynn to pick out a shirt for our family pictures, I found her a cute stuffed Elmo that she absolutely loves! I had to go back a couple days later because it was too small, but I was able to get her a cute outfit for 10 bucks :) on the 29th, BYU played USU. We don't have cable, so I got a free trial of YouTube TV so we could watch it haha. I hooked up my laptop to the TV. It was a great game! Utah State won :D it was awesome! At first, I was worried they would lose because BYU scored two touchdowns in a row, but USU had some great plays and took control of the game. Braelynn would cheer when we would and get excited at the TV, it was so, so cute! :) I love our little Aggie :) They always play each other the Friday before general conference. The next day, we woke up in time for conference to start. I was going to make muffins, but Evan wanted to pick up ramen for early lunch. Katie and Jessie came over to show us Katie's new car. She bought a 2010 Ford Focus with 46,000 miles on it. It is really nice! :) She loves it! Braelynn loved sitting in the back seat, she wanted to put her seatbelt over and over haha. We listened to conference in her car while we waited for Evan to get back. He brought her CD's that were left in our car. After visiting for a little bit more, we went inside to eat our lunch. It was really good but not as good as the other ramen place we love. After we ate lunch, Evan went to his parent's house to do homework because it is quieter. Braelynn took a nap but wasn't as long as I was hoping. I wanted to watch all of conference while she was sleeping, but she didn't sleep that long haha. We finished the session, then we went to Evan's parent's house to drop off his church clothes so he could go to the priesthood session with his dad and brothers. I was going to pick up Jessie and Emily so we could go to dinner during the session. My mom was at Seagull Book, so she was going to meet us at the Sizzler. Rachelle was meeting us there too. It was really busy! We almost left, but we decided to stay. We all got the special, with either steak or shrimp and the yummy salad bar. :) It was really good! After dinner, we went over the Deseret Book. Rachelle didn't want to go, so she headed home. We ran into Helen, Megan, Christie, and Amelia. They were on their way out. We visited for a little bit, then went inside. They were still dishing out free candy, so we grabbed some and looked around. Braelynn wanted to run all over the place, she was driving me crazy haha! My mom and sisters got some books, then we left. It was a really fun night! :) Evan was still with his dad and brothers, they went to Freddy's for dinner. I put her to bed before he got home, but she was still awake, so I got her out of bed and she was able to hug him goodnight. September was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from our month. :)