Monday, November 6, 2017

October 2017 :)

October has been a really fun and busy month! The first was the second day of general conference. It was amazing. :) Right after the morning session, Elder Hales passed away. His health had been declining for the past little while. For dinner, we went over to Evan's parent's house. Phyllis made chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa. I made green chili rice to go with it. :) The next day, Evan surprised me with flowers for our 6th anniversary. :) October 2nd marked 6 years since he asked me to be his girlfriend. :) It's one of my most favorite days. :) The flowers were so pretty! :) Braelynn and I had gone to lunch with Jessie and the little boys to Golden China and they were there when we got back :) It was a fun little outing, I love going there! Later that week, we went to Smith's to get a few things for our trip to Heber that weekend. I got some snacks and stuff for sandwiches. I also got stuff to make tacos for dinner that night. On the 7th, we got up and ready for the day and things packed for our weekend getaway. We were also getting our family pictures taken that day. :) I was really excited. We packed up everything and got ready for the photo shoot later that afternoon. We were going to go to Heber right after we were done. We stopped by the gas station on the way out to get ice for the cooler and to fill up the tank. The shoot was a lot of fun, even though Braelynn didn't want to cooperate haha, but she is a two-year-old, what can you expect? They turned out great! :) Normally, after the shoot, we are able to wait about an hour or so to look at them after the edit, but it was going to be closer to two hours, so we decided to look at them Monday on our way back from our trip. After that, we went to Costa Vida and shared a burrito and got Braelynn a quesadilla. After lunch, we went to the new Smith and Edward's to look around and get some snacks. It's a really nice store, I'm glad there's one closer :) Evan's parents were going to be at the Homestead the same weekend as us. They got a night stay for a gift. We got there a little after 5pm. They had a fall festival going on, it looked like a lot of fun. We checked in and went to our room. We got a nice little cottage room with a king size bed. We brought the playpen for Braelynn to sleep in. We walked over to our room, then Evan drove the car over so we could unload everything. Evan's parents got there a little after us, they were actually staying not too far from us. We were going to town to meet Evan's aunt and uncle for dinner. We rode with his parents and put her car seat in their car. We went to a place called Spin Cafe. It was pretty good, we just had a really long wait. I didn't eat much because I had a bad migraine. Most of the weekend, I had a migraine. It sucked. :( After dinner, we went to Todd and Claudia's house. It was really nice. We didn't stay long, so we could get back and get some rest. We left her car seat in their car to get it out the next morning, so we didn't have to worry about it. We watched some TV to relax, then we went to bed. Braelynn had a hard time sleeping at first, but luckily she went to sleep okay. The next morning, we were invited to have breakfast with his parents at the yummy Fanny's restaurant. Me and his parents got the breakfast buffet and Evan got ham and eggs. I gave Braelynn some yogurt from the buffet. Originally, we got her a parfait, but Evan ended up eating it. The food was so good, I loved it! After we ate, Evan went to the driving range on the golf course while Joey and I went to the top of the crater. Phyllis stayed with Braelynn and walked around with her. The fall colors were beautiful! I loved it :) We went back to our room and I got her car seat out of their car. Evan came back a little while later. His parents came back to our room and said goodbye. They got us a couple of things from the gift shop :) The rest of the afternoon, we relaxed. I attempted to put Braelynn down for a nap, even though it took a while haha. We went to town to get dinner. Evan and I got Panda Express and we got Braelynn Arby's. We went to a little place called Granny's Drive-In to get ice cream. The line was pretty long. I got me and Evan some shakes. It was a neat little place that we wanna try again some time. While I was in there, Evan texted me and said it was starting to snow! It was light, but still. :) We ate dinner and relaxed the rest of the day and went to bed. We watched Air Bud on TV, then we went to bed. Evan was supposed to get a call the next morning for an interview, but it never happened. He was really frustrated. There was a lot of miscommunication, but it was finally set up for another day. We checked out and headed home. The canyon was so pretty! We stopped at Camera Shy to look at our pictures, they turned out great! :) We got a 11x14 print for free, and we bought a couple of others. We ate lunch then put Braelynn down for a nap when we got home. Wednesday was my birthday. :) I went to lunch with my sister and Braelynn for my birthday. :) We went to Chuck-a-Rama. It was so yummy and a lot of fun :) Katie babysat for us later that night so Evan and I could go to dinner. I wasn't that hungry because I had such a big lunch. We went to Olive Garden. I got shrimp scampi and Zuppa Toscana. Evan got a make your own pasta with Italian sausage and minestrone. We also got an appetizer. It was really yummy and nice to have a date night. :) We took a lot of it home, it was nice to have it for lunch the next day! On the 13th, my sisters and I were going to the Imagine Dragons concert. :) We got dinner before and ate it at our apartment and headed to the USANA. Katie, Jessie and I got Cafe Rio and Emily got Panda Express. The lines to get in were really long, but it went by pretty fast. We went to the lawn and found a seat toward the side, but Jessie wanted to see if we could find a closer seat in the middle. We moved after they found another spot. It was really cold, but a lot of fun! Jessie's friends found us and sat with us too. :) I was surprised they were able to find us in the dark! The concert was so much fun! They were great live! It was so much fun to hang out with my sisters :) After the concert, it took forever to get out of the parking lot, it was annoying haha. That's probably the only thing I don't like about the USANA, the parking lot sucks! There needs to be better organization after concerts so people can get out in a timely matter...wishful thinking, right? The next day, we went to a corn maze in Syracuse with my family. :) It was a lot of fun! We went on a tractor to ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. It was fun to ride on it. After we got them, we took them to our cars then headed back. We played on the hay bale slides and in the corn kernel box. It was fun :) After that, we went in the corn mazes. There were three of them, the last one we kept getting stuck and turned around. We finally found our way out and discovered we had been in a different one the whole time haha. After that, we went to the Pizza Pie Cafe in Layton for dinner, it was really good. :) I loved spending time with family! The next day, we went to Evan's parent's ward for their primary program. I had to take Braelynn out because she was being rowdy haha. After church, we went over to his parent's so Evan could fix their computer. Phyllis and Joey gave me a gift, they got me a utensil holder that came with new kitchen utensils. :) I was really excited to get it. :) For dinner, we went over to Matt and Rachelle's for my birthday dinner. :) I chose to have Cafe Rio style food for dinner, it was so good! We had a brownie ice cream dessert, then everyone sang to me and gave me gifts. From mom and dad, I got the new Six Sisters cookbook and an apron. Matt and Rachelle got me movie tickets, Nate and Kelsi got me pajamas, slippers, and candy, and my grandparents got me a card and some treats. :) It was so much fun to spend time with family! That weekend was really fun :) That Friday, the 13th, was also Evan's last day of work at Valcom, he got a new job at StorageCraft and was starting the next week! A lot happened so fast! This job came with a higher pay raise and better benefits. It was a big blessing. :) He started on the 18th. His schedule is 6am to 2pm while he finishes this semester of school. It has been an adjustment to wake up early. It's in Draper, so he has to drive a little further away, but not too bad. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays he has to go to school right after work, so during a week, he could drive almost 300 miles! It's a good thing we have a little commuter car! He was taking a coworker, but now they have different schedules, so he stopped taking him last week. On the 22nd, we went over to Evan's parent's house for dinner. Phyllis had invited Evan's cousin and her husband over. We had Hawaiian haystacks, it was really good! We stayed a little bit and took some big group pictures, then headed home. A couple days later, Braelynn and I went to Target so I could get her bumble bee costume. :) It was so cute! I also got her a pumpkin trick or treat bucket and some candy for trick or treaters. I put her costume on when we got home and she looked adorable! :) On Thursday, I had to go get my blood drawn for a follow-up, then we went over to visit with my dad, it was nice. :) I was able to help him out as well and he loved seeing Braelynn. :) The next day, my family went down to Cedar City for the new temple open house. So, I went over in the evening and fed Indy. She loved seeing us. Braelynn sat in her dog house haha, it was so cute :) I picked up dinner on the way home. I went to Kneader's and got Braelynn some soup and us Banzai. I had to take Evan's meal back because they gave him the wrong order. It would have been fine, but it had cashews, and he is allergic to nuts. They were nice enough to give him a brand new meal. Evan fed Braelynn while I was gone. The next day, we were going to a trunk or treat at Clarissa's work, we were just late. We had to get gas, then go to her house because she forgot a costume. We grabbed some breakfast/lunch at Carls Jr. then headed over to the trunk or treat. It was pretty much over when we got there, but she still got some candy in her bucket and we got some pictures with her cousins. :) After that, we went to my parent's so I could feed Indy, then we went home. In the evening, we were going to the dinosaur park with Evan's family. We got some dinner at Chick fil-a to eat on the way. I sat in the back with Braelynn to help her out. We got to the park about the same time as his family. We walked around for a little while. Braelynn didn't want to sit in her stroller, she just wanted to walk around and play. I finally got her in with some struggle haha. We looked at some of the other dinosaurs before going into the main building. Braelynn's favorite part was the robotic dinosaurs, she didn't want to leave! Logan and Rachel got there just as we were leaving. We wanted to get her to bed since it was getting late and we had a 45-minute drive. On Monday, Evan and I made chili for him to take to work for their chili cook-off on Halloween. I'm never cutting a jalapeno again, it felt like I got burned! Halloween was pretty laid back, we went to a trunk or treat at my brother's ward and met up with some family. We were going to my cousin's, but it as over by the time we got there. My cousin Liz and her little boy were here from out of town, it was nice to see them. :) Braelynn was so cute walking around and collecting candy :) After that, we went home. October was a lot of fun and pretty busy! I look forward to November and the upcoming holidays :) Here's some pictures from our fun month :)