Monday, September 18, 2017

July 2017 :)

July was a really busy month! On July 1st, we didn't do too much during the day. I entered a contest to win tickets to see Rise Against that night at the USANA amphitheater. Evan had wanted to go, but we weren't able to get tickets. That afternoon, I went over to my grandparent's house to help set up for their anniversary party the next day. I left Braelynn with Evan because she was napping. I stayed there for an hour or a little longer. We set up a little bit, but we were still waiting on people and they were really late, so I went home. Evan wasn't feeling the best, so I was just going to make dinner for me and Braelynn. Evan's parents give us some things. I honestly can't remember what haha. I checked facebook to see if there was a response to the contest. I was reading through them and saw that I won!! It was almost 8, so I was worried they didn't have them for me anymore. So, I messaged them and finally called and they told me they were at will call! Evan was so happy! :) Luckily, his parents were in the area still, so we called them to see if they could babysit for us. We met them at Target and put her car seat in their car. She was really sad, I felt bad. :( We hurried over to the USANA so we wouldn't miss them playing. Luckily, the opening bands were still playing. Evan dropped me off so I could run to will call and pick up the tickets while he found a parking spot. We were thinking they would be lawn seats, but they were actual seats. :) so that made us happy! After getting through the gate, we went to the merch table so Evan could buy a shirt. I wasn't able to eat dinner, so I got some food at one of the stands. The food they sell is outrageously priced, and the burger I ate wasn't the greatest. Usually, when we got to a concert there we eat dinner beforehand, but I wasn't able to this time because I wasn't expecting to win tickets haha. The other bands that played before were weird haha. It didn't help that I already felt out of place. I like Rise Against, but I don't know all their music. I was just happy I won tickets so Evan could see them. :) We sat at a picnic table while I ate, then we went to our seats. Nick and Justin were there, and they were actually a couple rows ahead of us. Our seats were toward the middle, but the row wasn't completely full, so we sat on the end. I think Rise Against came on around 9 and they played for an hour and a half. They were really good live. I had a lot of fun with Evan. :) After it was over, we met up with Nick and Justin. We were talking at our seats, but we were asked to leave so they could clean up. The only thing I don't like about the USANA is the parking lot. There is no organization when it comes to leaving. No one waits their turn, they just cut in front of people. It's a joke! It can take 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot...ugh. We picked up Braelynn at his parent's house and visited for a little bit before heading home. At church the next day, they had split junior and senior nursery because there were so many kids! I was staying in junior with Braelynn. After church, we relaxed before heading to grandma and grandpa's for the 60th-anniversary party. :) I made a pasta salad to bring. The weeks leading up to their party, my mom wanted to do something special for them. She had found something on Pinterest showing 60 years of love, how many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren over the years. I suggested using a shop I followed on Instagram, I had used her to make Evan an anniversary present. :) I contacted her and she was able to make them an amazing sign! I highly recommend Handwritten Harper. She specializes in hand lettering and makes the coolest things! :) There was a lot of people there. It was nice to see family we haven't seen in awhile. :) The food was yummy too! Braelynn loved playing outside with her cousins. I have always loved going to their house, I have a lot of great memories. :) They had a little program and my mom gave them their gift to open. My grandparents loved it! I loved seeing their reaction. :) We took some family pictures. Almost all the grandchildren were there except two. Our family has grown so much! We didn't stay for too much longer because Evan wasn't feeling well and he was tired. It was a lot of fun. :) I have always loved family parties! For the 4th of July, we went over to Evan's parent's house. We got Utah State shirts that had the American flag on it with the Aggie bull. :) Braelynn's was too big haha, so I had to make it work haha. We had a BBQ for dinner, it was really good! :) We didn't stay for fireworks because we didn't think Braelynn would like them and we didn't want to stay too late. On the 12, we went bowling with Evan's family for Clarissa's birthday. When Evan got home, we grabbed dinner from Potbelly's and ate it on the way. I sat in the back with Braelynn so I could help her if she needed it. We were meeting at Fat Cat's because they had a deal going on. We were the first ones there, so we went inside to wait for everyone. We were going to reserve a lane, but there was a two-hour wait! No way we were going to wait that long. We told everyone how long the wait was, then we looked for some closer bowling alleys. We ended up going to Delton Lanes in West Valley. Evan's parents met us there. We bowled one game. I was on a team with Evan, Nick, and his parents. Logan, Clarissa, Luke, and their kids were on the other team. Rachel wasn't able to come because she had to work. We got some food for everyone to share. We didn't eat because we had dinner, but Braelynn took some of her grandpa's fries haha :) I love bowling, but I'm not the best haha. It was a lot of fun :) That Saturday, the 15th, Brodee got baptized. It was really nice and the spirit was strong. Evan had to chase Braelynn around because she was restless haha. Afterwards, they had rootbeer floats in the gym. Braelynn kept wanting to go on the stage. She can be so hard to keep up with! We went home to change out of our church clothes and to get some food. Everyone was going to Kneader's, but we wanted to go to Freddy's, so we just brought our food there haha.After dinner, we went to Target to get birthday presents for Phyllis, Clarissa, Matt, and Kelsi. We were having a hard time figuring out what to get haha. The next day, we had a birthday dinner for Phyllis and Clarissa. My family was having one for Matt and Kelsi, but we weren't able to make it. We planned to see them after our dinner if we had time. Logan and Rachel were making the dinner and asked us to make rice to go with it. I made green chili rice to go with the empanadas. They were so good! After dinner, we had dessert and visited for a little bit, then we headed over to Matt and Rachelle's house. We caught everyone before they left. When I went inside to give Matt his present, he invited me to the go to the dinosaur park with him the following week. We went on the 19th, he picked us up around 10. He put Braelynn's car seat in the back with Ben. When we got to the park, I had to change her clothes because she got car sick and threw up. :( Luckily, she was okay. Nate and Kelsi were meeting us there. While we waited, the little kids played in the fossil area and dug up dinosaur bones. They had a lot of fun. :) They played on the playground and we walked around and looked at the dinosaurs before going into the museum. It was hotter inside than it was outside! I think their air conditioning broke or something...either way, it was hot haha. After the park, we went to lunch. We thought we were following Nate and Kelsi, but it turns out we were following a stranger! Haha it was so funny. We went the opposite way from where we needed to go. It was pretty funny. The people in the car probably thought we were crazy! They were at the A&W, which was actually close to the dinosaur park, haha, we just got turned around. We ended up going to Freddy's because A&W didn't have a working soda machine. Nate and Kelsi had already gotten food, so they got ice cream at Freddy's. It sucked because I was really hungry, but I had a bad migraine. I didn't eat much. :( It was a lot of fun hanging out with my family. :) On the 22nd, we went to dinner for grandma Pugsley's birthday. W went to Cracker Barrel because it was one of her favorite places. :) We had a $25 gift card from Christmas still, so we were able to use that. We were the first ones there, so we looked around the shop for a little while. We didn't think to get a table, so when my mom and sisters got there, Katie reserved a table. It was a little while until we were seated because it was so busy. While we were waiting and looking around, Evan's parents came out of the dining area to leave. We saw them and gave them hugs. They were going to see a play at Hale Centre Theater. It was funny we all ended up at the same place. Dinner was really good. :) Afterwards, we sat on the cool rocking chairs out front and took some pictures. There were some little ones the babies were able to sit in. Sam and Braelynn looked so cute. :) The next day, we were invited over to Evan's parent's house for dinner. We didn't do much for the 24th. We decided to stay home since Evan had it off. We did go to an early dinner/late late lunch at Ab's with Evan's family. It was pretty good. July was a lot of fun. :) This summer has been pretty busy!