Sunday, March 4, 2018

February 2018 :)

February was a really busy month! The 4th was Superbowl Sunday, we didn't do anything. Evan had to work, so it was just me and Braelynn. After the game was over, I watched the new episode of This Is Us. It was so sad. :( The next day was the big appointment!! Evan took the morning off so he could go with :) We dropped Braelynn off at Matt and Rachelle's so Jessie could watch her with the boys. We were running a little late, but we made it just in time. It took forever to find a parking spot though. They are in the middle of building a parking garage, I hope it's done soon! We went inside and took the elevator to the second floor. I checked in and we waited. I was so anxious! We waited about ten minutes, then we were called back. The ultrasound tech was really nice. :) She went over some things, like the heartbeat, brain, hands and feet, and head. It was so, so cool to see the little fingers and toes. :) She asked us if we wanted to know the gender, and we said yes. We were thinking we would just get confirmation it was a girl like we had been thinking. When the time came to show us the gender, she said it was a boy!! We were shocked, to say the least! Clear as day it was a boy haha. I asked her if she was sure and she said she was 100% sure. We were in shock haha. We were positive it was a girl! Evan called his parents right away and told them. They were so happy! Especially his dad haha, he has been wanting another grandson. The tech gave us some printouts and a DVD of the ultrasound :) After that, I had to go to my doctor's appointment, it was right next door. I didn't have to wait very long at all to get back. I got my vitals taken, then I had to get a urine test. Evan waited in the room. My doctor came in, Evan was able to finally meet her. She is so nice. :) She said everything looked great and asked us about our ultrasound. It was a quick appointment. After that, I scheduled a couple more appointments, one of them being the glucose test...ugh I hate that one. I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. We went downstairs and into the gift shop to look at some things. Evan bought a Willow Tree Angel that had a father and son. :) We also got a Utah State bear. I called my dad and told him we were having a boy. I tried calling my mom, but she was busy at work. We went to Carter's at the mall to get an outfit for our little boy to make an announcement. On the way there, I looked up German boy names. Evan had decided on the first name Hans and I found Luka and we loved it. We got a dinosaur outfit for him and one for Braelynn too since she loves dinosaurs. :) We ordered lunch from Potbelly's on the way home. We set up the outfit, Willow Tree Angel, bear and ultrasound pictures on the couch to take an announcement picture to send to our families. I sent it to my siblings, in-laws, parents and my grandma. Evan sent it to his parents and siblings. Everyone was so excited! :) We were still shocked haha. I posted the announcement on Facebook next. We walked over to Potbelly's and picked up lunch. Evan was going to work after that, so I gave him his sandwich and left to go get Braelynn. I watched the boys until Matt got home because Jessie had a doctor's appointment to get to. I didn't eat much because I was still in shock haha. We are so happy and excited to have a little boy, we were just in shock haha because we weren't expecting it! We played for a little while and I visited with Matt when he got home from work. I went to my parent's house to see if they were home, but no one was. So, I went home and decided to stay home for the night. I had a bad headache anyway. The next day, Evan ended up having to work until 10pm, so I went to my parent's house since I didn't get to the day before. They had us stay for dinner. My mom mad yummy spaghetti and fried zucchini. We hung out for a little while. It was fun :) Braelynn danced to Moana and sang into a hairbrush, it was the cutest thing ever! That night, we didn't get much sleep, Evan and I both woke up after 5am and he got a message from his mom that his grandpa Waechtler had passed away early that morning. :( He passed away peacefully in his sleep. The funeral was going to be the following Monday, with a viewing on Sunday, which was Evan's birthday. :( After work, Evan went over to his parent's house to be with his family. The next day, we went grocery shopping to get things for Evan's birthday dinner. We ended up not having it since we went up to Logan on Sunday for the funeral and we stayed the night. I got a text from Carly asking if she could come over for a visit since she was out and about. Clarissa was also coming over since she had something for our baby. :) I reserved hotel rooms that night for us and Clarissa's family. We were covering the cost of their room since they were short on money. Braelynn played with her cousins, they had a lot of fun. :) The next day, I started to get sick.. :( ugh. I was having a sore throat. It sucked! We were going on a double date that night with Katie and Alex. We were going to see a movie. :) I made tacos for dinner. Katie and Alex ended up having some too. Emily was going to babysit for us, she brought over some dinner. It was our first time meeting Alex, he is really nice. :) We saw the movie My Forever Girl (I kept getting the title wrong, so hopefully that's right, haha) We saw it at the District. We got popcorn to share, Jessie let us use her bucket. I also got some nachos and we both got drinks. It was nice to go on a date! It had been awhile. We visited a little afterward at our apartment, then they headed home. On Saturday, we went to an early dinner at Red Robin with Evan's family for his birthday. Unfortunately, the burgers Evan and I got weren't the greatest and we were a little disappointed. :( But, it was a lot of fun to be with family. :) Evan got a Barnes and Noble gift card from his parents and a cool Star Wars tie from Clarissa and Logan. After dinner, we got a cone from Arctic Circle, then we went home. I wasn't feeling the best, so we wanted to get home. Later that evening, I packed our things for the trip to Logan the next day. We weren't going to leave until about 1 or 1:30 because there was a family luncheon at 3 or 3:30. I gave Braelynn a bath so she would be ready to go in the morning. The next day was Evan's birthday :) I made him an egg in a hole for his birthday breakfast. It wasn't much, but I wanted to do something for him before we left. I got ready after that and we loaded up the car. Before we left, we turned her car seat around so it could face forward. She is big enough now, it's crazy! She was really excited. :) Clarissa was going to follow us to the luncheon because we knew where it was. Evan's aunt reserved Bridgerland since it was big enough and there was a kitchen. We had her meet us at the Maverick across the street since we had to get gas. Evan got us some snacks for the road. We were running late, but we made it around 3:30. We didn't eat until 4 I think. I don't know Evan's family that well, but a few of them talked to me. It was a German food luncheon, there were some really yummy things. Evan's uncle and cousin sang happy birthday to him, very loudly haha...I have never seen Evan's face so red in my life! After the lunch, we went to our hotel to check in and change for the viewing. The viewing was in Logan, so not too far away. We stayed at the Comfort Inn on the outside of town, the same place we stay in a couple weeks before when the big snowstorm came through town. It's a nice place for the price. :) Evan's whole family ended up staying there too haha. His immediate family anyway. We got ready and headed to the viewing. There was no parking, so we parked by the Hallmark Store on Main Street. Originally, we thought there was a line to get in, but there were two viewings that night. We went inside and sat down in the chapel. Braelynn played with her cousins. Evan and I went into the room where his grandpa was and talked to his parents for a little bit. We walked around and watched the slideshow and looked at the memory table. Evan wanted to stay with his parents until it was over, so he walked us to the car and we drove back to the hotel. Braelynn and I watched TV for a little while. I had a headache, so I needed to lie down. Logan and Rachel bought cupcakes, they wanted to surprise Evan for his birthday. So, they planned on coming to our room with the rest of the family. Evan was texting me and told me his mom and dad were picking up pizza for dinner. We were going to eat it in our rooms, but the sweet lady at the front desk offered to open up the breakfast room so we could all eat at tables. It worked out better that way. :) We ate dinner and sang to Evan when we ate the cupcakes. It was a lot of fun! After that, we all headed back to our rooms so we could go to bed. We set up Braelynn's playpen and put her to bed. It took her a little while to fall asleep, but she finally did. I had a rough night's sleep since I wasn't feeling the greatest. I grabbed us some breakfast in the morning and brought it back to the room. We got dressed and ready to head to the funeral, then we loaded up the car and checked out. When we got to the church, we had to go to the primary room to practice the song the grandchildren and great-grandchildren were going to sing. We were going to sing Army of Helaman. :) We sang it through two times, then we went back to the relief society room to see Evan's dad. We went into the foyer for a little bit before we needed to go back to the room for family prayer. Each family said their good-bye's to grandpa Waechtler before the casket was closed. It was sad. :( After that, we followed the casket into the chapel and sat down on the first few rows. The service was really good, the spirit was really strong. For the song, I ended up staying on the bench with Braelynn because it was easier that way. After the funeral services, the pallbearers carried the casket out. He was being buried in the Smithfield Cemetery. Everyone followed the procession to the cemetery. Logan and Clarissa followed us. It was pretty chilly, so we wrapped Braelynn in her blanket. They were doing military honors, which was so cool! I had to walk away with her so Evan could pay attention, but she kept crying for her daddy :( it was so sad. I also wanted to take her away when they shot off the rifles for the honors. Finally, I had to take her over to Evan so she wouldn't be so sad. She is definitely a daddy's girl. After the flag was folded up, Joey gave it to Michael and told him thank you for his service. Evan's cousin was in the Marines. I missed it because, by that point, I had taken Braelynn to the car to get warm. Evan told me and I thought it was neat. :) We took some family pictures and visited a little bit, then I took her to the car to get warm. She was sad because Evan didn't come, he wanted to visit with his family. Shortly after, we followed his parents to the church for the luncheon. There was funeral potatoes, salad, and roast. I personally don't like roast, so I just ate potatoes and salad. One of Evan's cousin gave us leftover bread from the luncheon the day before. For dessert, we had a sheet cake that was pretty good. Evan and I took turns chasing Braelynn around haha. She was restless. We visited with family for a little bit, then we headed out. We were going to get some Aggie Ice Cream with Logan and Rachel. When we were driving down Main Street, there was a bad accident, so we had to turn around and go the back way. Evan called his sister and parents to tell them to go a different way. The ice cream was so yummy! Its one of my favorites :) After we ate and visited, we headed home. We stopped at the Maverick on the way out of town. Braelynn was pretty fussy on the way home, but luckily she fell asleep on the way home. She definitely needed it! It was so cute, she fell asleep holding a chip in her hand. :) That week, we didn't do a lot. I got sicker. :( Luckily, Evan was off for bereavement, so he was able to help me and I could rest. Katie came over on Wednesday that week and brought me and Braelynn some food from Chick-fil-a. :) It was very sweet of her. We visited for a little while, then she had to go. My mom showed up with some leftovers from a work party that night so we could have some dinner as well. :) On Valentine's Day, I ended up going to the doctor's because I thought I was getting a sinus infection. I was, but it wasn't bacterial so I didn't have to get any antibiotics. My doctor sent me with a list to get some things to help me at the store. I went to Target and also got Evan a birthday present and Valentine's Day card. I hadn't been able to get him a gift yet because life had been so crazy. I got him a movie and some chocolate. My mom came over that Friday and made us some yummy chicken noodle soup for dinner. :) Evan was starting to get sick now. :( I was feeling a little better, I just had a terrible cough that would not go away! Evan had to get me some cough syrup the night before on his way home from work. It helped out a lot! I had to get Evan some medicine to help him. I went to Target and got some fun clearance stuff for Braelynn. :) We stayed home on Sunday because we were still sick. Evan went to work though. :( On Wednesday, the 21st, we went to Texas Roadhouse with Evan's family for his dad's birthday. We drove separate because Evan came from work. He was the first one there, then I got there and we waited for everyone else. It was insanely busy! We had to wait a little while to be seated. We got two booths. I had only been there once, and it was a long time ago. The food was really yummy. :) It was fun! Joey got pictures with his grandchildren outside before we all left, it was so cold! We didn't do much the rest of the week. On Saturday, we went grocery shopping and to Target to pick out a gift for his dad Braelynn and I went to his birthday dinner on Sunday. We went to church, but only to Sacrament meeting. The next day, I won$25 to Costa Vida. So we met Evan after work for dinner. It worked out great because I didn't know what to do for dinner haha. We didn't eat much because we got full, so we took it home. On Wednesday. Braelynn and I went to Tunex so I could get the emissions done on our car and get it renewed. It didn't take too long. After that, I went to Smith's and got some fruit and bread and stuff for dinner. I was going to make Hawaiian Haystacks. :) We went to the credit union in Magna after that to run an errand. When we got there, we saw Phyllis leave for lunch. I got there at the right time. After that, I went to my parent's house to visit with my dad for a little bit. We went home and had sandwiches for lunch, then I put Braelynn down for a nap and started dinner in the crockpot. We ate dinner when Evan got home from work. :) February was a very busy month! A lot happened. I'm just glad we are both better now and Braelynn never got sick. We are excited we are having a little boy. :) Here are some pictures from our month!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

January 2018 :)

I can't believe it's already a new year! 2017 went by so fast! I always love the start of a new year because it brings new beginnings and new goals. Honestly, stuff for this month's blog is probably going to be out of order because I can't remember everything we did in January, and what I do remember is going to be out of order haha. I blame writing about January later than I planned... but life gets busy, and we were sick this month too. I had my 16-week appointment and I was able to schedule my appointment for the gender ultrasound for February 5th. It felt like it was going to take forever to get there! Evan started working on Sundays, he was going to work 2pm to 10pm, so he was still able to go to church with us which was nice. President Monson passed away and President Russell M. Nelson became the new prophet of the church with Elder Oaks and Eyring as counselors. We ran some errands and went to Smith and Edwards in West Jordan. After that, we went to Target and got some things. Evan got a new coat that was on clearance. He played with his new nerf gun with Braelynn when we got home. It was so cute :) On the 14th, Evan went up with his family to see his grandpa, he wasn't doing well. :( I am really glad he got to see him one more time before he passed away. Afterwards, they went to Chuck a- Rama for dinner. I went over to my parent's house for dinner. My mom made stew in the pressure cooker, it was her first time using it and my dad took the lid off too soon at one point and he got burned really bad :( It exploded all over the counter and got all over a lot of things. I helped my mom clean it up. We had Evan come over so he could give my dad a blessing. Earlier in the month, Katie came over one night and we hung out. Evan got us some ice cream :) We finally got a good snow storm toward the middle of the month. It was nice, but we need a lot more. We went to Men's Warehouse with Evan's parents and Nick so they could both get new suits. Evan ended up getting two for $400. They were so nice! He looked really handsome in them :) After that, we went to Fashion Place so we could look at the Lego store. After we were done at the mall, we went to Atlantis Burger to get dinner. It was a busy day! Me and Braelynn went to my parent's for dinner the next day. My mom made yummy chicken and dumplings that we had over rice. I brought some home for Evan to have the next day. :) On the 25th, we went up to Logan because Evan had a doctor's appointment with his rheumatologist. It wasn't until the late afternoon. We met his cousin, Michael for lunch at Old Grist Mill when we got to town. It was a pretty good place. He couldn't stay very long because he had to get back to work. Braelynn kept standing up and saying hi to the kids behind us, it was cute. :) After lunch, we went to the Utah State campus store and got a couple of things. We got Braelynn a ball set that she loved. :) After that, we went to Aggie Ice Cream. It was so good, but we all got too much so we didn't finish it. We went to Best Buy after that to pass time before his appointment. It was starting to snow, and it was coming down pretty good. We weren't sure if we were going to go home that night. Evan had to get an X-Ray on his neck while we were there. The roads were really bad after we left the doctor's. We went to the Wal-Mart at the south end of town and got some stuff to stay the night since we didn't bring anything. The snow had stopped a little after we got out of the store, so Evan wanted to try and go home. We ended up saying a prayer because we didn't know what we needed to do. We slipped a little on the main road when we were driving, so Evan pulled into the Comfort Inn at the end of town. I'm glad we felt we needed to stay because we weren't sure how bad the road in the canyon was. I also had a really bad migraine, so I wasn't up to doing a lot. We got food to eat out of the vending machine, some mac and cheese and popcorn haha. Evan wasn't hungry, so me and Braelynn ate. I took some medicine and it helped. We got a king size bed, and originally we were going to have Braelynn sleep with us, but she was so wiggly. We remembered the playpen was in the trunk, so Evan got it out for her to sleep in. It was so cold in our room, even with the heater on. At 3am, I woke up and got her out of her playpen and put her in bed with us. Evan had a feeling she needed to sleep with us. I'm glad she did, because she was cold. The next morning, I grabbed breakfast from the dining room for us and brought it back. After that, we packed up and headed home. On the way home, we stopped by RC Willey in Salt Lake and got Braelynn a cheap Kindle Fire. We had to go pick it up at the warehouse in West Valley. I set it up when we got home. Evan took the focus to get renewed. When he was done, he picked up lunch at Cafe Rio. That Sunday, me and Braelynn went over to Evan's parent's house to have dinner with them. It was yummy :) We didn't do much the rest of the month. January was a pretty good month :)