Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walking around after fresh fallen snow has hit the ground...

The snow storm we had today was so awesome. I couldn't help but stare out the window and watch the huge snow flakes fall and touch the ground below. It was a beautiful sight to see. I wanted to go out  the moment I saw it come down. It was so cool! I love snow...even if it can be too much at times. I love being able to stop and watch it fall down. When I was younger, I would just look to the sky and watch the snow fall onto my face. I wanted to go experience that again. Instead, I waited for the storm to die down a bit and I went for a short walk around the apartment buildings in my surrounding area. It was pretty spontaneous, but I needed to get out and see the fresh fallen snow. It was so peaceful walking around..taking in the beauty around me. It's wonderful being able to go on a walk and just think and ponder the creations around me. Sometimes we take for granted the little things, until we stop and think about it. We all need to stop and smell the flowers once in a while, stop and think. Don't let the rush of daily life get to you, we have time in our daily lives to stop and look at what is around us. That is exactly what I did tonight, even if it was just a short 15 minute walk, I needed it. I love being able to go on walks and have the stresses from daily life leave me...that's all it takes right there. Some great music and a nice, calming walk.

 I love walking around campus. :)

I love Old Main Hill. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Logan, the home of bi-polar weather.

The past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful! It felt like Spring was going to come early this year. I was able to wear some shorts and just a jacket, no coat. Life was good, the weather was fantastic. I was able to be a little kid again and go to the park and play on the playground. :) It was a blast! Well, we all knew this day would come, it was great while it lasted. Today started out great, sunny, blue skies. By late afternoon, the clouds were starting to settle in and the winds were picking up, a storm was coming to Logan. What a way to rain on my parade, literally. It was so ridiculously windy, I felt like I could get blown away! Shaun and I went outside to see how bad it was, it was really windy and hailing pretty good. It was a really cool thunderstorm at first. Within in a few short hours, Logan transformed from a beautiful spring day to a winter wonderland. It doesn't feel like February, it feels like December all over again. Within it a short amount of time, there was over an inch of freshly fallen snow on the ground, a new winter blanket to cover the ground. Looks like there will be six more weeks of winter after all. (I don't know if the groundhog saw it's shadow or not..) For over an hour, it was almost a white-out outside, definitely a blizzard. It was actually really cool to watch from the comfort of my apartment, I'm just glad I didn't have to go out in it, the roads must have been really bad. :/ I do love snow, don't get me wrong, but I was really loving the nice weather. :) Especially since I didn't have to walk around campus with a huge coat on. :D Haha. The whole state of Utah is known for it's bi-polar weather, Logan is just the capital of bi-polar weather. :) I live in the heart of bi-polar weather in Utah. Haha. I'm loving it, even if it's crazy. Gotta love Logan. :) I know I do, I love living here, it's an amazing place, with amazing people. :)

 Logan Canyon is so beautiful after a snow fall. :)
 I love it. :)

So pretty.. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cherishing Moments...

This week in my family we lost a member of our family. I am a firm believer that pets are apart of the family, even if they are dogs. Betsy was an amazing dog, I loved her so much. I remember when we first got her, she was so happy and lively. I came home from school and there was this dog in my living room, she ran up to greet me by jumping up on me(we got her to stop that habit after a little while) I thought she was so cute. :) It was hard to have another dog, because a few months previous we had put down our dog of 13 years, the dog I had grown up with pretty much all my life. Abby had been a huge part of our lives, she too was an amazing dog, I loved her so much. Betsy came along, but she didn't replace Abby, she filled the void, the hole so to speak.

Some memories I have of Betsy are some I will never forget. One day, my mom was washing a pan and sun reflected on it to put a beam of light on the wall. Betsy had been inside for some  reason or another. I was talking to my mom, then we saw Betsy going  crazy and barking at the beam of light. While my mom had been washing the pan, the beam of light from the sun had been dancing around on the wall and Betsy was trying to chase it. From that day forward, we figured out that she liked to chase any source of light that would move. One day, we got a flashlight and pointed it to the floor, she would constantly chase it and bark at it. We had put it on the ceiling and she would go crazy and bark at it. I thought it was pretty funny. :D She was a hoot. Betsy, also not being a big dog, thought she was bigger that her size entailed. I think she had a pretty intimidating bark at times, she would always alert us. She absolutely hated it whenever a power guy came over and had to go in our backyard. It was a good thing she was in a dog run, she was there to protect us, she did not like strangers around us. Two years after getting Betsy, we got a new member to our family,  a 8-week old Border Collie. There is a funny story behind that one. :) I was on a date and at the time didn't have a cell phone, so my sister called my date's phone to talk to me. It was kinda weird to say the least. Haha. She called to ask if I wanted to pay half for a puppy. I said sure because I thought she was just teasing, so I just went along with it. When I came home from my date, there was a small, black and white  puppy sleeping on the top of my couch, my heart just melted.  She was so cute. We brought her outside to Betsy, I don't quite remember what Betsy thought of her, but I know they became instant friends and were really close. Granted growing up Indiana annoyed Betsy at times, they were buddies. They played all the time, wore each other out. It was great watching them kick around an old basketball with their noses in the backyard or playing tug a war with one another. They were certainly like sisters, they fought, but they were so close to each other, they were best friends. Indiana grew up with Betsy, up until the day she had gotten sick, they were always playing and messing around. The day Betsy was sick and could not get up, Indiana stayed by her side and comforted her. I think dogs know if something is wrong...and they don't want to leave their best friend's side... When Betsy was taken to the vet, Indy cried, she didn't know where she was going. The saddest thing for me...has to be that I couldn't be there to say goodbye...goodbye to not only my dog, but a member of our family, my best friend. Dogs certainly are man's best friend. I miss her so much, but I know she is not suffering anymore and I will see her and Abby again. I was able to go home the day it was so hard going to the back yard and not seeing her happy face, tail wagging. :) One of the hardest things, too was seeing Indy looking for her best friend, she didn't know that Betsy wasn't coming back... :/

I cherish the moments I had with her, was an amazing dog, I love her so much. I know I will see her again and at times I can't wait for that day...but I must try not to be sad..and cherish the time I was able to spend with her. I will and do miss her so much...but I know I will see her once again, one day.

 Betsy, our Bagel (Beagle/Basset mix) :)

Our Betsy- Dog. :)

Indiana, our Border Collie and Betsy's best friend.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold, cold, CoLd!!!!! The only word to describe today...

Only word to describe today....COLD!!!!!!! Don't let those clear, sunny, blue skies fool you for ONE SECOND. It is only a trick! Logan is the city of lies and deceit. It may look beautiful outside, but it doesn't mean it's not cold. Don't even get me started on the cold canyon winds. Walk outside, the slight breeze blows right through your many layers of warm clothes. It's absolutely INSANE! I love Logan, don't get me wrong, I just didn't expect this. Haha. I think I will stay inside the rest of the winter(not possible).

That is my rant for today. :) I hope Logan warms up soon. I really want to go for a run..not in this weather I won't!! Haha :D 

 Bear Lake Valley. :)
 Logan Canyon. :)
Don't let the beautiful blue skies fool you.... maybe 12 below out there!