Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wedding Day :)

Well, it's definitely been a while since I have written a blog post, a month before I got married in fact. Now I have been married for two months, and it's absolutely amazing :) Our wedding day was an adventure. That morning I went to my sister in-law's for her to do my hair, it took almost two hours! Evan came and picked me up and we headed to the temple. He was not feeling well though :/ The previous two months he had been sick with a bacterial infection, and he was still trying to get over that. We had to wait for our parents to get there, then we went in and told the sweet temple worker our names for the certificate. My amazing mother helped me get dressed in my temple dress and I met Evan before we went to the sealing room. It was simply amazing to be married and sealed to my best friend for eternity. :) I am truly blessed. :) We were so grateful for all that came, there were so many who gave us hugs afterwards, I loved it! :)

After the sealing, Rachelle my sister in-law helped me get into my wedding dress and do a few last minute touch-ups. Evan was still sick and not feeling too hot, but we managed to get quite a few group shots. He had to sit in a wheel chair for a few minutes, then he needed to be helped up because he was so weak, but we got pictures. :) Our photographer was amazing, she was so sweet and understanding. I am so grateful for all that supported Evan and I on our wedding day and helped, especially those that went and got him some pedialyte so he wouldn't get dehydrated. (which in fact, he did...another part of our adventurous wedding day!)

While I was off taking some pictures on my own so Evan could rest inside where it was cool, my brother came down to inform me that Evan was in the first aid room in the temple, so I ran up the stairs in my wedding dress so I could see him. The temple workers knew, and were asking if my husband was okay. That concept was still new to me, but without a second thought I said I hope so! He was very dehydrated and weak. :/ His parents were down with him as well. Evan was going to stay down while I got changed out of my wedding dress. Originally we were going to go to lunch with everyone, but we couldn't with Evan being sick. So after I got changed I went home with Evan and his parents. I'm truly grateful for our family and friends for being so supportive and helping us that day. :) Before the reception we rested for a little bit. We were going to be there a little before, but another adventure to add to the problems! Our car would not start, so we borrowed a friend's truck to drive to the church. It had been fine earlier, so we didn't know what was wrong, but we had no time to check it out. When we got to the church, I was in a rush to get my dress on. Thank goodness for my sisters and my mom for all their help! :) I truly appreciated it :) After I was dressed, my cousin, Tricia took family pictures just before the reception started. There were two seats for Evan and I to sit down on, which was  really nice, especially for Evan. :) The  decorations and food was so great. :) I thank especially my mom for her hard work with putting the food together, and for all my family member's help as well with putting it all together.  Mary Lou Spencer for the decorations, which were so awesome! Humberto Puche for making our cake. Rachelle Pugsley for making our slide show. Jerry and Naomi Hancock for the Sub Zero Ice Cream. Joy Gough and Tricia Bagley for photography. And the many family and friends who came to support us, we are so grateful. :)

 Well, the line lasted for over 2 hours-which we did not expect. I didn't sit down that whole time because I was talking to people and helping Evan. I'm glad I got some ice cream and food! After the line finally died down, I got to take a look at our awesome slide show my sister in-law made for us. :) I came back in and we were going to cut the cake. It was so awesome, Yoel picked Evan up so he didn't have to walk. I'm so glad Tricia got a picture! Cutting the cake was a lot of fun. I smashed it into Evan's face ;) He did the same back haha, it was awesome :D I threw the my bouquet afterwards, Andrea Puche caught it. Evan then took off my garter...haha it was too great. :) He took off my shoe at first, which made me laugh. At first, he threw it and it didn't go very far, but Logan grabbed it. He had to fight Nick off for it, that was too great! Evan threw it one more time, but Logan still got it! :D haha. Our car was still decorated even though we didn't have it there at the church with us, but it didn't stop Nick haha.

We stayed a little while after the reception was over, I had to change out of my dress. My new mother and father in-law were our chauffeurs, they drove us home and to Anniversary Inn that night. It was great, Joey drove us around so both Evan and I could wave to everyone as we were leaving. :)

I loved June 16, 2012 so much, it truly was the best day of my life. :) I am married to my best friend, the most amazing man ever, I couldn't be more blessed than I am now. :)

Thank you again to all those who helped us with our best day ever. :) We truly appreciate it. :)

Now for the pictures :) We only have pictures from the reception for now, we are working on getting pictures from the temple. :)