Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 :)

This month has been a lot of fun! The first week of February, we went to lunch at the Sizzler for Evan's aunt's birthday. It was really yummy! Braelynn loved it. Her favorite part was the ice cream. :) I have been there before, but it had been a while. I forgot how yummy their salad bar was! That's was I ordered since I knew there was a lot of variety. Evan got all you can eat ribs. After lunch, we went to RC Willey to pick up a prize I had won a few days before. I won really cool headphones. We went to Fashion Place mall after that so I could get Evan's birthday present. He stayed in the car while I went in. I was hoping it wouldn't take me very long, but Build-a-Bear was so busy! Never, ever go there on a Saturday!! It took me almost two hours to get through the line and get the animal stuffed. I got Evan the beast from Beauty and the Beast. :)

The following Tuesday, Carly came over with Braxton. It was nice to have a visitor! Braelynn and Braxton are 6 weeks apart, but she is so much smaller than him! It's cool to see how babies learn different things. They played for a couple hours, it was fun to watch them interact! The next day, I was starting to get sick... :( That Thursday, it got worse. I had a terrible sinus headache that would not go away. I had a hard time sleeping that night. On Friday, I went to Instacare with my mom, who was also really sick! :( Jessie watched Braelynn for me while we went to the doctors. I was told I had a virus and that it was a sinus infection (What I thought it was) but it was too soon to prescribe an antibiotic, so I was given nasal spray to help. My mom also had a virus, but she was given different medication to help with her cough. We went to Target to pick up my prescription, then we went home. Evan picked me up some colloidal silver the day before, which helps a lot! It's an immune support supplement. It helped me to feel better a lot quicker.

Evan's birthday was the next day. :) After we woke up, I gave him his birthday present. He loved it! It was worth waiting in line forever to see his reaction when I gave it to him :) After that, Evan got us breakfast at Chick fil-a. His friend is a manager there and they gave him a free frosted lemonade for his birthday :) I was still pretty sick, so we didn't do much that day. :/ We got some cleaning and organizing done, which I probably shouldn't have, but I wanted to help a little bit. We have lived here for 4 months, and we have organized a lot, but there's still a few more things to do. I really like our apartment. It's in a nice area, close to both families. :) For dinner, since I wasn't up to going anywhere, we ordered Olive Garden to-go. We love to go there and eat, but it's always nice to eat at home. Evan took Braelynn with him because she kept saying "go, go, go!" She loves to go places, it's so cute. :) When he got there, it was really busy! So, he had to wait a little bit until he could get our food. Evan got pasta with marinara and chicken. I got Alfredo pasta with sausage. It was so yummy! It was nice that we were able to use a gift card :) We didn't go to church the next day because I was sick. I also wanted to rest for Evan's birthday dinner with his family. I was feeling a lot better than I had been, but not 100%. For his dinner, he requested turkey burgers. They were so yummy! His mom made pasta salad, green bean salad, fries and some fruit on the side. Evan's dad also grilled chicken and kielbasa. It was delicious! It was nice to have a BBQ in February! :) After dinner, we played Lego Bingo for prizes. Clarissa brought a bunch of beanie babies for prizes. It was fun to play! After playing, we had dessert. Phyllis made a really yummy banana cake with cream cheese frosting. :) It was a really fun night! The next day, Braelynn had her 18-month wellness check. Jessie took us because she was off. We went to lunch at Golden China Buffet. It is one of my favorite places! It was so fun to hang out with my big sister! :) We went to Jordan Landing after because we had time before her appointment. We went to Sam's Club to get a few things. After, we went to Kohls. Her appointment went well. She is gaining more weight, she weighed 18 pounds, 7 ounces. She is still tiny, but she is growing. :) After that, we went to Walmart to get some things for Valentine's Day. I got Evan a card and some chocolate kisses. Jessie picked up some things for my dad to give to my mom. She got Braelynn a Frozen balloon (it hasn't deflated yet and it's been three weeks!) On the way home, Braelynn fell asleep. I took in our stuff, then came back for her and her car seat. Jessie helped me in and stayed for a couple of minutes. It was a really fun day! :) I gave Evan his treat and card after he got home from work the next day. We got Mo Bettah's to share for dinner on Valentine's Day. It was yummy :) We didn't do anything really fancy, but that's okay with me! I just love spending time with my sweetheart :)

On the 18th, I took Braelynn with me to my cousin Emily's baby shower at my aunt's house. My mom and I went at the same time. Poor Braelynn was starting to get sick now! :( She had a really runny nose, puffy, red and watery eyes. :( Despite that, she was still active and having a lot of fun. The shower was really cute. My aunt is so creative and talented! She made the cutest cookies! Lunch was served, and it was picnic style with sandwiches, fruit, salad and chips. I am so excited for Emily and Chris! They are going to make great parents to their little guy :) After visiting for a little while, we went home so we could pick Evan up for the movie we were seeing with his family. We were seeing the Lego Batman movie for Evan and his dad's birthday. We were running late because I was debating on staying home with Braelynn because she was sick. We decided to all go. We were a few minutes late, but we just missed previews. Evan went and got us snacks, nachos for me and popcorn to share. He missed the beginning, but he didn't miss much. It was a really good movie! It was the first time Braelynn had seen a movie at the theater, and she loved it! Of course, she was pretty wiggly too haha. We went to Bath and Body Works with Evan's parents after movie and got a few things. We got dinner on the way home. Poor Braelynn wasn't doing well. :/ Evan gave her a blessing and we filled up her humidfier to help her sleep better. We missed church again because she was sick. :( We were supposed to go over to Evan's parent's house for dinner that night for his dad's birthday dinner. Up until we were going to leave, I wasn't sure if I was going to go because our baby girl was sick. :/ She was doing a little better, so we decided to all go, but we weren't going to stay long. We had pork chops, potatoes and green beans for dinner. After, we had cake and ice cream. It was fun. :) Thankfully, Braelynn seems to be feeling a lot better now! Hopefully, we don't get sick again for awhile! This week, I've been really good about keeping to our menu for meals. It's been so nice! I love cooking! :) On the 24th, Katie came home for the weekend. She came straight to our apartment so I could take our Escape to get safety and emissions taken care of. She watched Braelynn for me while I went. I barely made it in time before they closed. Thankfully, they took care of it for me. It ended up costing a little bit more because they had to replace a light bulb. When I got home, my mom was here. :) Katie mentioned she was over at our place, so my mom came over on her way home from work. She works really close to our apartment. Evan came home from work with some drinks from the gas station. He got one for my mom and Katie as well. :) We visited for a little while, but my mom had to go home to make dinner for my dad. He wanted soup since he was sick. :/ Katie stayed for a little bit longer, then she left to go home. She was going to get dinner with my mom and sisters.  We were trying to decide what we wanted for dinner. We decided on Chick fil-a because it was getting too late to make something and it was quick. I went and picked it up. When I got home, my sister Jessica was there. :) She was dropping off a Jessie doll for Braelynn. She got it at the Disney store earlier that day. It was really sweet of her. :) It was nice to see my mom and two of my sisters that day! Evan and I have been watching the Office lately and we love it :D haha it makes us laugh. It's nice to spend time with him and relax. On Saturday, we ran some errands in the morning. We went to Verizon to see about Evan upgrading to a new phone. Afterward, we went to the car wash, but the line was too long so we left. We went to Ross after that to get shoes for Braelynn. They didn't have any, which didn't surprise me because they are so hit and miss. We decided to go to Kohl's to see if they had any shoes for her. While in the baby section, Evan said, "Hey's it's Jessie!" She didn't hear him, so I turned around and said "Jessie!" It turns out, my mom, sisters, and brother were there at the same time! They were shopping for birthday gifts. We looked at the cute baby stuff but didn't find any shoes in that section. Ben was showing Evan all the toys in the toy section. Braelynn wanted to take them off the shelf haha. We walked around the store and visited for a little bit. Ben and Braelynn played. It was hard to keep up with her! Haha she kept pulling Easter candy off the shelf. Ben thought it was hilarious. My family had to go, but we were invited to go to Matt and Rachelle's later to hang out. We didn't find any shoes for her because they were so expensive. We went to Del Taco for lunch and brought it home. I love how cheap it is! Later, we went to my brother's house and hung out. We brought dinner with us. It was fun to hang out with my siblings :) Especially since Katie doesn't get to come home often. The next day, Braelynn had a runny nose again. But, I didn't think it was too bad. 9 o'clock church is hard because I hate waking up. We were a little late, but not too bad. After sacrament meeting, me and Braelynn went to nursery. It was her first time, and she did great! It was also my first time being in there as a teacher. There are quite a few kids in there. After church, we had lunch and put Braelynn down for her nap. Monday, she was getting sicker. Her nose was so runny :( it was so sad. We set up a humidifier in her room to help her breathe better at night. She didn't have a lot of energy. She fell asleep on me before Evan got home from work. It was so precious. The next day, Evan took the morning off so we could take her to instacare. We were on the fence about going, because she had a lot more energy than the day before. We decided to take her in, which I am glad we did. The doctor examined her and told us she had an ear infection. :( She was prescribed an antibiotic. We went to Target to pick it up. Evan stayed in the car with Braelynn while I went in. After getting it, I went to the baby section to take a quick look at the clearance rack. I'm glad I did because I was able to get her some shoes on sale. :) Evan went to work after taking us home. I hope she starts to feel better soon! Yesterday (2/28) she said "daddy" twice! It was so cute! She is also starting to give us more kisses. :) She blows kisses and gives us kisses on our cheek. She also started to say "cool." I am excited for her to learn more words :) She also says "uh-oh" a lot. It's so, so cute! :) February was a fun month, even though two of us got sick! I look forward to a new month! March is always fun with a lot of family birthdays! :)