Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 2017 :)

March has been a fun month! There are a lot of family birthdays this month, which means fun celebrations with our families :)

On March 4th, Evan and I had an all day date, it was so much fun! :) I took Braelynn to my parent's house so they could watch her for us. Originally, we were planning on going to a vintage market fair, but we ended up going to other places. Evan wanted to go to the mall so we could go to the Lego store, we bought the Lego Disney castle to build together. :) I am so excited! We also went to Carter's and got Braelynn some clothes, we got her a really cute Easter dress. :) After that, we went to lunch at Golden China, a really yummy Chinese buffet that's one of our favorite places to go. :) Evan wanted to trade in his Xbox to get a newer one, so we went home to grab it and take it to GameStop. We went to RC Willey to get the new Xbox after trading it in. We grabbed a couple of things at Best Buy since it was close by, then we went grocery shopping. After shopping, we took everything home and picked Braelynn up. It was a really fun day with my sweetheart. :) I love being able to spend time with Evan! :) The next day was the start of daylight savings, it was hard to wake up, especially with 9 o'clock church! We woke up late, and missed sacrament meeting. It was Braelynn's first time in nursery without me. We didn't get there until 10:30, so I stayed in there with her for a little bit before I went to relief society. She did great her first time. :) I think she really likes nursery! I have been enjoying my calling as well. :) We went to dinner at Evan's parent's house that night. On the way there, a storm was coming in, it was really windy and cloudy. Within an hour of us getting there, it started to snow! It was in the 60s earlier, so it was crazy how fast the weather changed! Phyllis made Hawaiian haystacks for dinner, they were really yummy! :) Even though we don't live far, the drive home was scary! It was snowing really hard, it was getting hard to see. I love snow, but driving in it is never fun! That week, we had to take Braelynn to the doctor's because she was acting sick. She had an ear infection and was given an antibiotic for ten days. On Saturday, the 11th, we went shopping for birthday gifts at Target and we ran into my brother Matt and his family. It was awesome. :) We got gifts for Nick and Rachel while we were there. Sunday, we celebrated Nick's and Rachel's birthdays with a yummy BBQ. We made a pasta salad to bring. We got Nick a movie gift card and Rachel a card game. Braelynn is starting to say some more words. :) She can say Jesus ans she recognizes him right away in pictures, it is the sweetest thing ever! :) She is hard to keep up with haha, she continues to get into everything and makes lots of messes haha! On the 17th, Braelynn and I went for a walk to some stores since they weren't far. We went to Kohl's Burlington Coat Factory and Rue 21. I didn't find anything good haha, so we went home. It was chilly when we left, but really warm when we came back. It was fun to go for a walk with her. :) The next day, we ran some errands. We got some lunch, then took our car to get washed. After that, Evan was driving on Bacchus and said we were going on an adventure. We ended up driving to the District and getting my ring cleaned. :) It was so nice to get in cleaned, we haven't been able to for a few years! We got ice cream at Cold Stone and left. On the way home, we grabbed dinner at Canton Wok, our favorite Chinese restaurant. :) after dinner, we got a call from my mom inviting us to dinner, but we already ate. We told her we would have to go again sometime. :) After we ate, I went to the store to get things for the March birthday dinner in our family the next day. We were having Cafe Rio style food, and we were asked to bring beans, olives, chips and salsa. Later, we walked over to Target to get birthday gifts for my mom, grandma, little sister, Emily and sister in-law Rachelle. We got my mom and grandma the new Celtic Woman CD, and Emily a blanket. We walked over to the movie theater and got Rachelle a movie gift card. Shopping for gifts is a lot of fun :) the birthday dinner happened to fall on my mom's birthday. :) It was a lot fun, the food was so, so yummy! My mom made a delicious cake as well. It felt like Christmas with all the gifts! It was great. :) After dinner, we went to Logan's and Rachel's to drop something off. We had never seen their apartment. It was nice. :) we visited for a little while then we went home. The next day, Jessie invited me to hang out with her and the little boys, Ben and Sam. We walked over to Target to meet them. We decided to go to lunch at Chili's afterwards. It was a longer walk than I thought! We had a really fun time, though. :) it was nice to have lunch with my big sister! :) On the 21st, my little sister turned 16! I can't believe my baby sister is 16 now! She has grown up so much! :) It's been raining a lot this month and I love it! We definitely need the moisture! That same week, I bought tickets for us to see Beauty and the Beast on the 25th. We asked my parents if they could babysit for us. The night before, I got a message from my brother, Matt saying he and Rachelle had the same plans as us, to see Beauty and the Beast. It was also at the same time and the same theater! He ended up choosing seats next to us. :) They also asked my parents to babysit haha! The movie was at 11. The next morning, I got ready and took Braelynn to my parent's house. I got a call from Evan saying I needed to come home right away so we could go check on Logan and Rachel's apartment before the movie. The night before, it flooded from the rain. It was raining really hard again. Logan couldn't get a hold of Rachel, so he had us go check on it. Luckily, everything was fine. When we got to the theater, we had to get our tickets from the ticket desk. We saw Matt and Rachelle in line for concessions. Matt gave us a coupon for a free drink with a purchase of nachos. I got the nachos and Evan got the drink. The theater we went to is right by our house, it's really nice to have it so close! Our seats were at the very top, which was nice. The movie was amazing! I already want to see it again! I loved it so much! :) It was nice to have a date with my sweetheart. :) It was fun to have a double date with Matt and Rachelle as well, especially since it wasn't planned haha! After to movie, we were going to go to lunch. We were going to all go together, but we wanted to eat at different places. We went to Golden China for lunch, it was so yummy! :) After lunch, we went to Target to get a few things. We were hoping to get the soundtrack from the movie, but they were out. :( Afterwards, we went grocery shopping. We took all of the groceries home and I put them away, then I went to my parent's to pick Braelynn up. While there, my mom invited us to have dinner with them on Sunday. :) My sisters were visiting Katie in Cedar City, so it was just my parents. On Sunday, we went to church. We were late, so we sat in the foyer. It wasn't my turn to be in the nursery, so I dropped her off and went to class. We went to dinner around 4:30. It was really yummy, :) it was fun to visit with my parents! We stayed for a little while after and visited with my mom. The next day, after Evan got home from work, we ate dinner together and we went to Target (our favorite store haha) to get some things, we got a gift for our nephew, Traxton for his birthday. :) I picked out a ninja turtle toy. When we got home, I gave Braelynn some milk before we were going to take her to bed. She started to cough, then got really sick and threw up. :( it all happened so fast! It was terrible. Evan went to the store to get some pedialyte and a humidifier to help her. While he was gone, she got sick again. It was so sad. :( I had to put her things in the washer right away. We gave her some pedialyte and set up her humidifier. After that, we were hoping she was okay, so we put her in her bed. We were too nervous to go to sleep, so we stayed up to listen to see if she got sick again. She went to sleep, but she got sick. :( We decided we needed to take her to the hospital. We went to IMC in Murray. On the way, she got sick again, :( We went to the ER, luckily we didn't have to wait long. We were there for a couple of hours. They told us she had a stomach virus and they gave us medicine for nausea and told us to keep giving her fluids, but in small amounts. Our baby getting sick, was not how we wanted to end the month. :( This week has been emotionally exhausting. Evan also got sick from something he ate, so he ended up staying home from work on Friday. We had two appointments on Thursday, a doctor's appointment for me and a WIC appointment for Braelynn. I really didn't want to take her out, but she seemed to be getting better by then. She got sick again that night, so the next day, I took her to instacare. They couldn't do too much because she was still fighting her virus. It was frustrating because she couldn't tell us how she was feeling. :( March was a really good month, despite Braelynn getting sick toward the end of the month. I'm excited for warmer, spring weather! :) but, I also don't mind all the rain we have been getting, I love it! :)

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