Thursday, May 11, 2017

April 2017 :)

On April 1st, General Conference was starting. :) I love hearing the messages from our church leaders! We watched/listened to the first session. We were going over to Matt and Rachelle's so Evan could help build a swing set. We went over later than we planned because Evan didn't want to wake up haha. Braelynn seemed to be feeling a lot better, so we all went over. We got there around noon. Me and Braelynn went to IFA with Rachelle and her mom to see the chicks and bunnies. We put Braelynn's car seat in their van. It was really busy, but the animals were really cute. :) When we got back, my mom and sisters were there and Nate and Kelsi had come over too. It was turning into a party! Nate and Kelsi left Ethan there while they went on a lunch date. My mom and sisters were going to go to Seagull Book, Rachelle got the guys sandwiches for lunch. They took a break from building and ate lunch. I ended up watching the kids while everyone was outside. It was a lot of fun to be with all the little ones. :) We left after 5 so Evan could go over to his parent's house to watch the priesthood session with his brothers. We grabbed some pizzas on the way to take over. After that, I went to my parent's house so we could go to dinner together. We decided on the Sizzler. :) When we got there, I couldn't find my wallet in the diaper bag! I was freaking out! I went back to the car to see if it was there, but it wasn't. I didn't know where it was! I called my dad to see if he saw it at their house, he didn't. So, I called Rachelle to see if it was there, it wasn't. :( My mom paid for my dinner, which was really sweet. :) The only place I could think it could be was at home. After we ate dinner, I went home and it was there! I was so relieved! We went back to Matt and Rachelle's to hang out, but we didn't stay long. I gave Jessie and Emily a ride home. We had to stop at the store so we could get my dad some things. After dropping them off, I picked Evan up from his parent's house. When we got home, Braelynn got sick again. :( it was so sad. We were going to have dinner with Evan's family the next day for Traxton's birthday, but we weren't going since she was sick. We watched conference together. President Monson announced five new temples. :) He didn't speak long, he isn't doing well. The past few conferences, he hasn't spoken for very long. It's sad. I really hope he is doing okay. Evan slept through the second session, he was really tired! Evan had to go to the store because we were almost out of diapers and we weren't going to last until the next day. After that, he went to his parent's house to get us some dinner. We weren't going over there, but they said we could get some food to bring it home. :) He also went to my parent's house to get some food there because they made too much. We had ham, potatoes, pasta and green bean casserole. It was really yummy! I gave Braelynn some yogurt, thinking she would be okay, but she got sick again. :( I wasn't able to eat for a while because I had to clean her up and comfort her. It was so sad. The next day, I called her doctor to make an appointment. Evan had to come home during lunch so I could use the car. We took him back and from there, went to her appointment. The doctor said she was on the tail end of her illness, and that it can last 7-10 days. :( hopefully, she gets over this soon! She is doing a lot better, but I don't want to risk giving her too much food. It doesn't feel like we can catch a break with sicknesses in our family! Hopefully, things start to settle down. We found out a lot of people in our ward have had the stomach flu, so we are sure she picked it up from nursery. I didn't get it because I wasn't in nursery that day. Evan picked us up some dinner on his way home from work. He used the company car because he had to go on site the next day anyway. It's only been a few days into the month, and it's already been really busy! We got a new car seat for Braelynn a couple days later, one she can grow into. It's really nice. :) I ended having to take Braelynn to Instacare that same week because she wasn't getting better. They said I was doing everything right and they gave her more nausea medicine. Over the next few days, she was showing signs of feeling better. It was such a relief! The next day, me and Braelynn went to a camp fundraiser for Emily. Jessie picked us up because Evan was running late. He ended up not coming because he wasn't feeling well. It's always fun to go to the fundraiser dinners for the 10th ward, there's always a good turn out. They have a bake sale, silent and live auctions. For dinner, they had a pasta bar with three different sauces. I got some yummy treats from the bake sale and my mom and sister won some things from the live and silent auction. It was a lot of fun! On April 10th, after Evan got off work, we went to Target to get things for Easter. We went a little overboard...haha. We got individual baskets to put little things in. We got Braelynn a Cabbage Patch doll that was dressed in a lion costume, a Cinderella carriage, a Powerpuff Girl little toy, a board book, Pokemon cards, and some Reese's bunnies. We also got some plastic eggs to fill with candy. For Evan, I got him a Lego Darth Vader set, a couple of Hot Wheels cars, Pokemon cards and some candy. Evan got me a movie, a book, a Power Puff Girl toy, and some candy for my basket. :) It was a lot of fun to go shopping! This was the first year we really got to get each other things for our baskets. :) A few days later, I finally got around to organizing Braelynn's bookshelf in her room. I organized her room some more and put our board games in the bottom of the shelf. I just need to organize our bedroom and our closet and hang up pictures, then we will be set! That Friday, my cousin, Christie texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out with her and my sister, she was babysitting our nephews, Ben and Sam, I didn't have a car, but we had the car seat, so she came and picked us up. Braelynn played with Ben and Amelia for a little while, then Jessica picked up some pizza for lunch. After lunch, they all played on the new swing set outside, it was a lot of fun. Braelynn loves running around outside :) My little sister, Katie was coming home that night from Cedar City. When Evan got home from work, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and we brought it home. While we were gone, Katie called us and told us she was at our apartment. We told her we would be home soon, so she waited. She thought something was wrong with our car, so she had Evan ride with her in it to see. He took her to pick up dinner for her and Emily. Emily was babysitting Ben and Sam because Matt and Rachelle went to see Lion King with my mom, dad, Jessie and Rachelle's mom. I ate dinner with Braelynn while they were gone. Katie ate dinner at our apartment, then we went to Megyn Rushton's reception. We got there toward the end, so we didn't get to see her for long. Katie caught the bouquet with her friend, Ryan, she ended up letting Katie keep it. We visited with old friends and Evan's family, then we left. Katie ended up staying at our apartment to finish some homework. She has to use Evan's laptop because her laptop charger broke and she had to order a new one. The next day, we went to Kneader's for breakfast and ran a couple of errands. We were having an Easter dinner later that day with my family because Katie was leaving the next day, so my mom wanted to get together before then. I was asked to make green beans, they turned out really good! For dinner, we had ham, yummy potatoes, crescent rolls, green beans, and salad. My mom made a strawberry poke cake for dessert. :) We also decorated sugar cookies, that was a lot of fun! :) My parents and my sister, Jessica, got all of the grandchildren Easter baskets with little goodies and toys. :) It was really fun and cute! They also did an Easter egg hunt outside, Braelynn loved it! She had a lot of fun. :) On Sunday, Evan had a hard time waking up because of his medication, so just me and Braelynn went to church. We just stayed for sacrament. I put her in her new Easter dress and it was so cute! :) After church, Evan and I put together the baskets and filled the eggs. :) She was getting restless, so we hurried to finish. I set all of them up on the couch and grabbed her. She was really excited to see her new toys. :) we opened up her carriage and other toys for her to play with. After that, we made lunch and put her down for her nap. Later, we were going over to have dinner with Evan's family. It was really good! We had a yummy BBQ. We brought some chips and Traxton's birthday gift. He loved it! After dinner, the grandchildren had an Easter egg hunt. Braelynn had so much fun. :) it was so cute watching her pick up the eggs! Evan's parents for everyone baskets with treats and fun things. After the hunt, Evan's dad handed them out. :) We got a shared basket with candy and an Olive Garden gift card. Braelynn got a sock monkey, three gold dollars, and some candy. For dessert, we had strawberry shortcake. It was a lot of fun to spend time with both families for Easter weekend. :) The following week, Braelynn and I walked over to Target to pick our a birthday present for Sam. :) Target is one of my favorite stores. Sometimes, I have a hard time going in there because I want to buy so much haha! I always go to the baby section to see if there are any good things on clearance. I got a cute outfit for Braelynn and some sheets for her crib. We ended up picking out a firetruck for Sam's present. We also got a movie for Evan that he had been wanting to see, Collateral Beauty, I got some mac and cheese for Braelynn's lunch and some granola bars. After that, we went home and had lunch. On the 22nd, we had two birthday parties to go to. First, we went to Amelia's at 11. She turned 3 last month. There was a bounce house and pizza for lunch. It was nice to see family. :) My mom and Emily were there, Jessie had to work. We stayed until she opened her presents, then we went home. I put Braelynn down for her nap, then I went grocery shopping. I grabbed Evan lunch at Freddy's first. He stayed home from the party so he could study. It was nice to go grocery shopping by myself. I had to hurry because Sam's party was at 4. By the time I got home, it was after 3. I had to take the groceries in and put them away. I put the perishables away and we got ready to go. Evan had to bring his work stuff because he was on call. Everyone was in the backyard. We also had pizza at that party! Luckily, there was fruit and veggies on the side. I ate inside with Braelynn so she could sit in the high chair at the table. After eating, there was an Easter egg hunt for the little kids, It was so cute to watch Braelynn find the eggs and put them in the basket. :) After that, Sam ate his cake. He was so cute :) he loved it! He didn't quite know what to do when it came time to opening his presents, but he got really excited about his toys. :) It was a long day, but a lot of fun! Later that night, Jessie came over to pick up a printer to take back to their house that we had been meaning to give them. My mom needed to print stuff off she needed for her talk in church the next day. Sunday, we were late to church, we made it after the sacrament was passed. Braelynn had a lot of fun in nursery. :) We were invited to come over for dinner at Evan's parent's house, but we ended up not going because some of the kids were sick and we didn't want Braelynn to get sick again, so we stayed home. A couple days later, I made a new recipe that I was really proud of. It turned out great! I made sweet fire chicken. It took some time, but it was worth it. I love to cook, it's one of my favorite things to do :) That Friday, the 28th, Katie came home from SUU for the summer. She got home in the afternoon and I asked her if she could bring me our car so I could go run some errands. I never heard from her, so I didn't know she was coming. Later, there was a knock on the door and Katie and Emily were there. Katie brought some food over to eat because she hadn't eaten all day. While she ate, I got Braelynn ready to go. I put the new car seat in the back and we went out to Smith's in Magna so I could grab a prescription. After that, we went to my parent's house. Emily showed me the bird's nest in the backyard. The eggs were so small! I got a call from Evan asking if I could pick up some dinner. I got our dinner at Arctic Circle. We were able to get a meal that came with two burgers to share. After dinner, I got a message from Jessie asking if I wanted to come over and watch the Jazz game with them. They were going to Menchie's first to get some frozen yogurt. I had put Braelynn to bed for the night, so I asked Evan if I could go over and meet them. I was in my pajamas, so I wasn't expecting to go inside. Rachelle met up with us and brought Sam. I ended up going inside and holding Sam so Rachelle could eat her ice cream. He slept the entire time. He is so cute :) Rachelle was going grocery shopping after wards. I was on my way, when Jessie honked at me and Katie and Emily came over and asked if I could take them home because Jessie was going shopping with Rachelle. The Jazz ended up losing the game and we freaked out toward the end and woke my parents up... :( They thought something bad was happening. Oops! After it ended, I went home. It had been raining, but wasn't too bad when I left. Evan was playing video games with his cousin when I got home. I talked to him for a little bit then I went to bed. The next day, we ran some errands. We went to Winco and Target to get some things and to a UPS place to ship some packages. After that, we got lunch at Freddy's. We didn't make it to church the next day because we overslept. We had been invited to dinner with my family, but my dad was really sick, so we ended up not going over. April was a really good month. :) Braelynn is saying more and more! It is so cute! She is so, so smart! She still doesn't like to listen when we say no to her...haha, but for the most part, she is great at listening! She loves when her daddy comes home from work, she gets so excited to see him :) It's so cute :) When I get her out of her crib in the morning, the first thing she says is "dada." She wants to see him, but he is usually already at work. :/ I have been writing down and keeping a list of the words Braelynn says now so I don't lose track.

Here is that list:
Thank you

I love watching her learn and grow! She has the sweetest personality :) I love being able to stay home with her and play with her. :) Here are some pictures from this month:

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