Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017 :)

May started out pretty crazy! On May 1st, Evan ended up staying home for work. He got a call first thing that morning about a client who got attacked with ransom ware. Their files were being held for ransom. He was working all day trying to figure out what was wrong and trying to find their back up files. Come to find out, the last back up was done last September. It was a frustrating day to say the least. Braelynn and I went over to Matt and Rachelle's house because Evan couldn't concentrate, so we went over there. Jessie was babysitting Ben and Sam. Katie came over later and we met Rachelle for lunch. We couldn't decide where to go. We finally decided on Chick fil-a after asking where Ben wanted to go. There was a really nice worker there who kept talking to us, he had special needs. He was really sweet. He kept saying he was going to ask his boss if we could work there too haha :) He would come back to our table and say we were going to work these crazy hours haha. It was funny. :) After lunch, I went home and Jessie, Katie and the little boys went to the humane society. Evan was still working when I got home. He worked on it that night too. The next morning, his co-worker was picking him up so they could carpool to Ogden so they could work on the issue together. Later that morning, after Braelynn ate breakfast, I was going to change out our bedding. I decided to clean out our closet too. I had been wanting to for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to it. It took a lot of work, but I was happy I did it. It looked great after I was done. I was excited for Evan to get home so I could show him. I rearranged things in the closet and organized it better. Later, we went over to my parent's house to hang out with my family because Evan was still working and he wasn't going to be home for awhile. :( We had dinner with my family, my mom made yummy skillet lasagna and fried zucchini :) Braelynn loved it! She had three helpings! After dinner, we hung out upstairs with Katie and Emily. We read some blogs and talked. Braelynn played on their bed and wanted to play peek-a-boo. :) it was really cute :) Jessie came home from work and shortly after that, we went home. Evan didn't get home until 11:30! His boss ended up offering to pick him up because Evan was not up to staying the night. His co-workers worked on it all night and got a hotel room to sleep the next day. It was really nice of his boss to bring him home. I was able to show Evan our bed, but it was too late to show him the closet, so I waited for the next day. He was exhausted! He had to go back to Ogden the next day too. :( I went over to my parent's the next day to visit too. I went in the evening. They were having chef salads for dinner. I wasn't in the mood for that, so I was going to get something on the way home for us. Evan was still at work. :/ I was teasing Katie that she had to fill up our car with gas before she left to take Emily to young women's. I wasn't sure if she had took it, and I was about to leave when my mom was, she had a meeting for primary, and my car was gone haha. Katie came back and told me she filled it up. I told her I was kidding, but she did it anyway. Silly sister :) We talked about going shopping the next day. I was going to pick her up in the morning and get her a frosted lemonade. I got Chick fil-a for dinner on the way home that night. It's a good thing I like it, since I had it two days before :P haha! Evan got home after 10:30 that night. At that point, he hadn't seen Braelynn for two days. :( She was always asleep when he got home. The past two days have felt like a week for him, it was terrible! The next day, I got Chick fil-a for breakfast because they were having a free breakfast sandwich for their anniversary that week. I also got two frosted lemonades, one for me and one for Katie. I picked her up so we could go shopping. We went to Seagull Book first, she got a gift for my mom for Mother's Day. :) Braelynn loved walking around in the store. I had to pick her up a lot so she didn't get into everything. After that, we went to Jordan Landing and went to a few stores, Old Navy, Down East, Aeropostale, and Carter's. After that, I took Katie home. We got home and had lunch and I put Braelynn down for her nap. Evan didn't get home until 9 or 9:30 that night. Luckily, he was able to see Braelynn because she wasn't asleep yet. I was also able to show him the closet. :) The next day, I went grocery shopping. Before we left, me and Braelynn were playing and she accidentally poked me in the eye with my back scratcher, it hurt so bad! It ended up hurting for a couple days! We are pretty sure it got scratched. :( That night, Evan got home at a decent time. Thank goodness! He needed it after a long week. He was supposed to go shooting the next day with Nick, but he wasn't sure if he would be up for it with how long the week was. I was going to meet my friend Nicole for lunch at Five Guys. Braelynn and I went to Toys R Us before lunch. The West Valley store is closing, so I wanted to check it out. The police station was expanding and the city didn't want to renew the lease, so they decide to close the store. When I went, things were pretty disorganized, but I was able to get a few things for Braelynn that we are saving for her birthday. I was a few minutes late to lunch, but not too bad. It was so, so much fun to catch up with Nicole! She is one of my closest friends :) we hadn't seen each other for almost five years, but it didn't feel like it had been that long after catching up. She teaches at an elementary school in West Valley, it is actually down the road from our apartment. :) we ended up visiting for a couple hours. As I was leaving, and putting Braelynn in the car, I got a call from Carly asking if I was still there. She was leaving the Fiiz soda shop next door. She pulled over into a parking spot and we visited for a little while. Braxton and Braelynn shared some goldfish crackers in the car. They were both getting grumpy, it was time for a nap haha. It was nice to see two friends that day! :) I called Evan and he told me they had to stop shooting early because a big storm was coming in. When I got home, I put Braelynn down for a nap and Evan came home a little while later. Sunday, we were invited over for dinner with Evan's family, but Evan wasn't up to going over, so we stayed home. I made kalua pork in the crockpot, it was really yummy :) the next day, I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. Afterward, I got a call from my dad telling me that Ben wanted Braelynn to come over and play. We weren't able to because it was getting late, and I needed to put her down for her nap after lunch, so I said we would come on Friday to play. Later that week, me and Braelynn went to Target to pick out a gift for Ben for his birthday. I can't believe he is already four! I got him a couple of things from the dollar section and a TMNT toy. That Friday, we went to Matt and Rachelle's so Braelynn could play with Ben. My dad was babysitting the boys. I helped with some things and they play for a couple of hours, Evan was getting off early so we could run some errands, so we went home to wait for him. He ended up having to do some work, so we went after Braelynn napped. We went to Fashion Place mall so we could take Braelynn to get a build-a-bear. :) She had some Christmas money to use. Luckily, it wasn't too busy and we didn't have to wait in line. The past two times I went there, it was so busy! We took her out of her stroller so she could pick out a stuffed animal. She went straight for a puppy. :) it was so cute! We put a puppy sound in it and got it stuffed. After that, she brushed it, she loved it! We named it Lily. :) While I was in line to pay for it, Evan got me the Belle bear from Beauty and the Beast. :) he said it was going to be for our anniversary. :) he put a sound in it, a Disney song. After we were done, we went to the Hallmark store to find some gifts for Mother's Day. We got some cute things that had sayings on them for our moms. :) we also picked out some cards. :) We got them some lotions and hand sanitizers at bath and body works to go with it. We went to Aeropostale to check out their sale. We were going to eat at the food court but decided to go to Chick fil-a by our house instead. My sisters had been in Ogden to help Nate and Kelsi out. She had gone to the hospital because she was in labor, but they sent her home because she wasn't progressing fast enough. (I know how that is!) That night/early morning, I woke up and had some messages and missed calls from my dad, they had gone up to the hospital because Kelsi went into labor after having pain all night. I called him back around 4 or 5 AM to see if everything was okay. She had to have a C-section. Caleb was born the morning of May 13th. :) He is so cute! I haven't met him yet because I was sick and I am finally over my cold. My mom called me and asked if I could make a pasta salad for Ben's birthday party because she wasn't going to make it home in time to make it. My parents brought Ethan home with them so he could go to the party and Nate and Kelsi could rest. I went to the store and made a pasta salad to bring. I also foud some chocolate to go with the gifts. :)  Evan stayed home from the party because he had to study. Ben had a pirate party, it was a lot of fun. :) Matt grilled hot dogs for everyone. After dinner, the kids hit the pinata, even Braelynn did. :) it took a few hits to break it, some of the big people had to hit it haha. I felt fine, but I was losing my voice. It wasn't fun! :( it was hard to talk to people haha. Ben opened presents after the pinata. It was crazy because he opened one after the other so fast, he was so excited. He got a lot of fun toys! We had cake after, it was yummy :) The next day was Mother's Day, but I ended up staying home because I was sick. :( I really wanted to go, but Evan said I should stay home. Evan made me a breakfast sandwich that was really yummy :) during Braelynn's nap, I rested as well and Evan made my gift. He made me an awesome custom picture frame, I loved it! :) We were going to have dinner with my family, then dessert with Evan's. I put together the gifts for our moms, then we went over. For dinner, we had yummy barbecued chicken, rice, watermelon, corn on the cob, and salad. :) my grandparents were also there, it was nice :) After dinner, we handed out the gifts. Mom got me a gift card to bath and body works and Jessie got me some Reese's :) I took a piece of the dessert my mom made before we left, chocolate lasagna. It was delicious! :) We got to Evan's parent's house and everyone had finished eating. For dessert, we had strawberry shortcake and ice cream. We passed out the gifts outside before dessert. Phyllis gave me, Rachel and Clarissa a little gift as well. :) it was nice to be with both families! That night, Katie met us and we gave her the Escape to use. She was starting school that week and working at the care center she worked at last summer. That week, Evan got tickets from work to see To Kill a Mockingbird at Hale Center Theatre. I was so excited! We wanted to see it, but it was sold out. He was able to get 6 tickets. :) We invited my sisters and my mom to go with us. The next night, Evan and I sat down and planned our trip out. I wrote down a schedule and packing list. We only have a few days, so we have to pick and choose what we see in Yellowstone. I am so excited to go on our trip for our anniversary! :) I can't believe we've been married for five years! There was a big storm that night that woke me up twice! Loud thunder and bright lightning. It didn't wake Evan or Braelynn. They are deep sleepers! It also snowed haha. The day before, I had to use the air conditioner. The next day, I had to turn on the heater. Spring in Utah! My brother, Nate had to go to the ER on the 18th. At first, they thought it was pancreatitis, but they couldn't figure out was wrong. My parents were both up there, so my mom told us she wouldn't be able to go to the play with us. I wasn't sure who to ask to go in her place. Jessie suggested I ask Phyllis or Clarissa. I knew Clarissa wanted to see it as well, so I asked if she wanted to go with us. :) She was so excited to go with us! A couple days before, I asked Rachel if she and Logan could babysit for us, they were happy to. :) The play was on the 19th.  My mom had to take our car to Roy because my dad had their car, he was already up there. Katie picked her up from work and they went home so my mom could pack some things up for their stay that weekend. Originally, we were asked to pick Emily up, but Jessie was able to after she was done babysitting. On his way home, Evan picked up some dinner for us from Canton Wok. Clarissa was meeting us at our apartment so we could drive over together. Rachel got to our place around 6:30. I showed her where everything was for Braelynn. I also showed Clarissa around since that was her first time at our apartment. We left for the play and met my sisters there. Evan and I got some concessions to share while we waited. After they got there, we went into the theater. We had some really nice seats. :) the play was amazing! I loved it! I want to read the book again and watch the movie. :)  We went home and talked to Clarissa for a few minutes before she left. Katie was coming to get our car so she could have it for work the next day. We didn't need it for the morning, so Evan said she could use it. :) At first, Jessie asked if I could take her to work in the morning so Katie could use her car, but instead, Evan offered for Katie to use our other car since we didn't need it. When we got home, Logan and Rachel were watching a dinosaur show on Netflix. It was funny haha. Braelynn was asleep, they said she was really good for them. :) My sisters came over and we all visited for a little bit before everyone left. Nate wasn't doing well :( I received updates from my dad throughout the next day. He was losing a lot of blood and ended up having to have three blood transfusions total.  They found a small ulcer, and that was causing the bleeding. After Katie got off work, she brought over our car with Emily and I brought them home. They wanted to see Braelynn before she fell asleep for her nap. She was upset after I put her back down. She never took a nap that day.. :/ While out, I got some food from Atlantis Burger for lunch. Katie and Emily got Jimmy John's for lunch. After that, I took them home. We went to church the next day, but we were late. We missed sacrament meeting but went for last two hours. There were so many kids in nursery! I think there was 17. It was crazy! I asked Evan for help, but we ended up not needing it. All my siblings ended up going to the hospital to see Nate. Emily called to see if I wanted to go, but I stayed home. I felt bad I didn't go. :/ but I had been really tired. We had dinner with Evan's family, it was yummy :) Evan didn't go to work until Thursday that next week because he wasn't feeling well physically and mentally. He worked from home on Wednesday and talked to his boss about missing work the next day. Thankfully, Evan's boss is really understanding. The 25th marked a year since my grandma Pugsley passed away. It is still hard to think about. Some days, it doesn't feel real. I have wanted to call her so many times and go over to visit her. I miss her so much and I can't wait to see her again someday. I am truly grateful for the plan of salvation so we can see our loved ones again. :) My family went out to dinner that night, but I didn't feel like I should go. I made dinner for Braelynn and I. Evan was at dinner with co-workers. On Saturday, I was going to babysit for Matt and Rachelle, everyone was going to see Pirates 5 because Matt F. got tickets from work. Evan didn't want to go because it was at Jordan Commons, and he doesn't like that theater haha. Mom called the night before and asked if it was okay that they brought Ethan over too. I ended up babysitting Ben, Ethan, and Sam. I brought Braelynn over too, of course. Evan stayed home so he could study. They were really good and only argued a couple of times over toys. They watched two movies, played outside and ate lots of fruit snacks and cheetos haha. When everyone got back, they were talking about having dinner at Leatherby's. I called Evan and asked if he wanted to go. We had a gift card from Christmas still :) I had to pick him up, then we went. My parents weren't going, but Jessie, Katie, and Emily were. Matt and Rachelle picked up dinner on the way home, so they weren't going either. Helen, Megan, Christie, Matt F., and Amelia were already there. It was so busy! Katie told me to just come over to their table. I got a grilled cheese and a scoop of rocky road ice cream. Evan got a ham and swiss sandwich and a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream. We shared our food with Braelynn, but she wasn't that hungry. She was mainly tired since she didn't get a nap. :( she slept in the car on the way to the restaurant. It was a lot of fun to have dinner with family. :) on the way home, we went to the Valley Fair mall and went to Fanzz so Evan could pick out a Utah hat. They were having a sale, but one get one 50% off one their hats, so I picked out a Jazz hat. It took us a little while to decide because the one he wanted wasn't in his size. We wanted to get new hats for our trip. When we got home, we put Braelynn down for the night. The next day, we overslept and missed church. :( we were invited over to Evan's parent's for dinner. We were going to the cemetery to visit family. We met my family at their house. We were running late, but it was okay because they were too! They decided to take Ethan home after the cemetery, so they were getting together things to take back up there. My mom made them some freezer meals. :) the cemetery was so busy! Everyone had the idea to go the day before Memorial Day. My family brought flowers to put on my grandma's and uncle Jim's grave. The Salt Lake cemetery is so pretty, I love all the trees. We stayed for a little while. We saw families having picnics around the gravestones. I have never seen that before, it was kind of cool. :) Braelynn was so cute with the flowers, she kept smelling them and putting them back in the vase on the grave. :) It was hard to get out of there because of all the people. Some people don't know how to drive! We saw two people drive the wrong way on a one-way street...ugh. Everyone had eaten, but Evan's mom saved us some. She made lasagna, it was yummy :) Evan had salmon and rice because he couldn't have lasagna. Braelynn had three helpings! She loved it! After dinner, we went outside to play. Evan played basketball with Phrankee, Joey, and Nick. The mosquitos were out, so we went inside. Evan got a blessing from his dad and Nick for his test. We left after that and put Braelynn to bed. We were meeting everyone at the zoo at 9 the next day. We woke up late, and we were running late. I got myself ready then woke Braelynn up and got her ready. We ended up getting to the zoo at 9:30. It was so busy! There were so many people! Joey was waiting for us at the gate with our tickets. The first animals we saw were the giraffes and new baby zebra. :) she was so cute! It was Braelynn's first time at the zoo, and she loved it :) there was a bug exhibit with giant bugs. Braelynn said 'ew' to the big spider, it was awesome haha. We took lots of pictures, let her walk around at times. She loved the animals! :) It was so cute to watch her get excited about everything :) Everyone got snacks at one of the shops. Evan ended up getting a turkey burger because he didn't want to have a regular one later at Freddy's. One of the last things we did was ride the carousel. I rode on a seat with Braelynn. I thought she was going to be scared, but she loved it! :) Phyllis bought Braelynn a little bear that she picked out all by herself. :) it was so cute! After the zoo, we went to Freddy's for lunch. It was really good :) It's also nice because it's right by our apartment. We put Braelynn down for her nap and me and Evan spent some time together. After dinner, we went to RC Willey to get a new vacuum. We ended up leaving with more...haha. We had to go to will call to pick up our stuff. Luckily, we made it before they closed. The next day, I just relaxed after a long weekend. I love being able to stay home with Braelynn, she is so cute and fun :) I love her personality! She is a sweetheart :) I made pasta, shrimp, and veggies for dinner. After dinner, we were relaxing and Braelynn was making a big mess even though we told her no, she dumped out her cereal all over the floor. Evan put her in her crib for time out for a couple minutes, it was her very first time. He also put her in there because she kept biting me. :/ It was hard to put her in there, but it's best to start her out young so she knows. A while later, I put her to bed and went to Culver's to get me and Evan some shakes. He was asleep when I got home haha. I had to wake him up to see if he wanted it. He woke up to eat it and we watched Gilmore Girls. We have seen it a lot, but it's nice to have a show we love to watch over and over. :) May was really busy! There were a lot of fun times, but also some rough ones. I'm looking forward to June, especially since we are celebrating our fifth anniversary :) It is one of my favorite months! :) I am not looking forward to hot summer weather, though. I don't like it haha! Here are some pictures from this month. :)

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